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"It takes a village to support a family."


Village Keepers (formerly RUA’H Community Outreach) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that envisions a world where all people, especially disenfranchised Black people, are guaranteed the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with freedom and justice for all” (U.S. Constitution).  We envision a world where life sustaining resources are a ‘right’ and available to help all families and individuals become self-sufficient and prosper.

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The Mission of Village Keepers is to establish and coordinate a holistic network of Black organizations, individuals and allies dedicated to ensuring the safety, health, education, and economic stability of Black families who are impacted by poverty and systemic racism within East and Central Contra Costa County, CA.

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1. Provide essential services to support family stability and prosperity.

2. Provide education for community empowerment. 


3. Collaborate with individuals, churches, businesses, civic groups; corporations and government organizations that promote the well-being of Black families and communities.

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Essential Services:

  • Emergency food, clothing, shelter, transportation

  • Pro-Active Parenting Education & Family structure

  • Family Wellness Programs (physical, emotional & spiritual)

  • Family Enrichment (single parents, two parent families, parents of children with special needs, and grandparents)

  • Family and Individual Counseling

  • Rites of Passage - life skills training (youth & adults)

  • Mentoring

  • Academic Achievement (tutoring, scholarships)

  • Money Management

  • Job Preparation & Training

  • Record Expungement

  • Resource Development

  • Black History & Impact of Current Events

  • Cultural Diversity

Seminars/Classes for Community Empowerment:

  • Social Justice & Public Policy

  • Community Safety & Law Enforcement

  • Political Engagement

  • Family Preservation

  • Equity in Healthcare

  • Equity in Education

  • Business Development

The services available will be presented in an Afrocentric cultural context and provided by professionals and organizations who have expertise in the service areas listed. All information will be kept confidential in accordance with State/Federal HIPPA Laws that protect client privacy.

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Families and individuals who believe they can benefit from the services listed. Participants can be self-referred. They do not have to be involved with County social services or the court system in order to receive services.

HOUR:Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


COST:  Services are provided on a sliding fee scale. Limited scholarships are available.


Village Keepers, Inc. does not receive federal or state funding. The organization is supported by fundraisers, private donations, and the service of volunteers. Donations are welcomed and tax deductible.


The State of Black America

  • The rate of the COVID-19 virus is 30% higher in the Black community than the general population.

  • 32% of Black American households are led by single mothers.

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