FAMILY Wellness


All services are provided by professionally trained Licensed Counselors, Pastoral Counselors, Masters’ Degree Interns; Nurses and other Allied Health Care staff.


Client Information is kept confidential in with State and National HIPPA laws.

​Life Skills Training

Stress/Anger Management, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Communication Skills, Coping with Difficult People, Personal and Family  Responsibility, Money Management, Developing Healthy Relationships and Support Systems.

Mental Health Education

Emotional and spiritual wellness builds the self-confidence needed to cope with the challenges of life. Understanding the dynamics of mental health conditions and how to build a supportive team will help increase your well-being.


non-judgmental person will listen to your thoughts and feelings, help you to problem solve, and achieve emotional and spiritual stability.

Case Management

A support person can help you organize your schedule, accompany you to appointments, help find resources to meet basic needs, and be an advocate when needed.

Pro-Active Parenting Seminars

Children are the world’s most precious resource. Learning healthy parenting skills is the most important thing a mother and father can do to raise successful children.

​Basic Medical Screening 

Knowing your numbers helps you to stay healthy and avoid foods, people, or situations that raise your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, or cause weight gain.

Health Education

Knowing the dynamics of common health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, irregular heart rates; smoking, proper nutrition and the benefits of exercise can help you prevent illness and better manage any health condition.

Support Groups

No matter what you are going through you don’t have to be alone.  It can be healing to know other people have similar concerns and can be supportive in grief, chronic illness, etc.

Anger Management and Domestic Violence Education

It is never too late to do better. Everyone has the capacity to change negatives into healthy behaviors.  Certificates of Completion are provided.

Information & Referral

You will be connected with people or organizations that can help you accomplish your individual and family goals.

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